Algebraic Geometry: A Total Hypertext Online System

Table of Contents

  1. Varieties: An Introduction

  2. Schemes: First Steps

  3. Schemes: A Closer Study

  4. Module Theory

  5. Differential Forms

  6. Cohomology

  7. Algebraic Curves

  8. Algebraic Surfaces

  9. Curves on Surfaces

  10. Algebraic Cycles

Note: The list below merely collects together pointers to various DVI files that I've written during previous attempts to teach courses and seminars related to algebriac geometry. Unlike the largely dummy links in the example, concept, and theorem lists, these links work; they just don't yet point to anything that qualifies as hypertext. The plan is to convert this raw material (with additions as necessary) to hypertext versions, and to add the links from the other viewpoints into the material. These links will disappear as pieces get converted for absorption into the list above.

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